Fair and Transparent Pricing

Get started with free cloud mode, which gives you 1 worker CPU in the cloud. Or, install Docker to run free local mode, limited only by the resources of your machine. Learn the tool, develop pipelines, and run them at small scale without ever paying a cent.

Paid cloud mode is huge scale, on-demand, with metered pricing. No artificial, per-user charges. Just pay for the compute, memory, and storage resources you consume.

Cloud Pricing

Task Cost

Tasks are $0.19 / CPU / hour and $0.015 / GB of RAM / hour. Tasks are metered per second of container time, from when the Docker image starts downloading until the container exits, with a minimum of 1 minute apiece. Conducto batches multiple tasks into a single container to speed execution and lower your costs.

Only certain combinations of cpu and mem can be run in the cloud. Conducto will automatically round up your resource requests to the cheapest option that fits your task:


Storage Cost

Logs and co.data are $0.004 / GB / day, tracked per byte per second.


Billing is handled through Stripe. Your credit card is charged monthly or when your bill reaches $500, whichever comes first.

Enterprise Pricing

Get the full Conducto experience, deployed securely to your company's VPC. Contact us for details

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