Inside vs Outside

Nodes in a Conducto pipeline can do just about anything, but not everything happens in a pipeline. If you want Conducto to work with software that lives outside of a pipeline, you might want to use one of our integrations. They handle cases like:

  • Manipulating pipelines based on some external event.
  • Keeping other software informed about the state of a pipeline.

If you're looking to connect Conducto to software outside of a pipeline, then you're in the right place. If you want Conducto to call something specific within pipeline, take a look at Images to see how you docker images can help.

Conducto Integrations

Integrations are configured for your whole org at once. To view them, go to your org settings page.

Go to org settings

From there, check out the Integrations tab.

Integration Settings

You can click an integration in the Catalog section to install it.


The GitHub Integration lets you launch pipelines based on repository events. Configuring this is the first step towards using Conducto for CI/CD.


The Slack integration lets you send messages to slack users and slack channels.


So far we only support inbound events from GitHub, and outbound status updates to Slack. We expect to add more integrations in the future. If you'd like to configure Conducto to work with something else, drop us a line and we'll consider into adding an integration for your use case.