Local Privacy

Local mode runs pipelines on your computer. Your code and data never leave your machine, and your logs are only visible to authorized users.

Cloud Security

Cloud mode runs your managers and workers in the Conducto cloud on AWS, where it securely stores your code and data.

Remote Teams

The proxy service simplifies remote debugging and collaboration by letting teammates interact with your pipelines from anywhere.


While local mode uses only the cores on your machine, cloud mode can run many concurrent tasks.

Even More Scale

Managers share no state. Run many of them to scale horizontally up to billions of tasks.

Manager ContainerRun pipelines, keep node states, schedule workers.Metadata ServiceStore and access pipeline metadata for fast lookup.User DevicesView and interact with pipelines running anywhere, from any deviceWorker ContainerRun Exec nodes: shell command in a Docker containerProxy ServiceSecurely connect users to managers.Run PipelinesView PipelinesConnect Through Conducto