Conducto for Python
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Visualize and interact with your workflow using Conducto's intuitive UI.
Do you wish...
  • ... Airflow had a better programmatic interface?
  • ... Luigi had a better UI?
  • ... map/reduce was simpler to debug?
  • ... it was easier to find errors on Grid Engine/Slurm/Torque?
  • ... Jenkins' dependencies were good for large pipelines?
  • ... there was any workflow tool that scaled to thousands or millions of tasks?
  • ... it was effortless to harness massive computing power to get work done faster?
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About the Team

Jonathan and Matt spent 10 years building the software that powered one of the most successful algorithmic trading teams in the world. They are excited to spin this proven technology out of Jump Trading and into the wild.

Jonathan Marcus, CEO

Jonathan worked at Jump Trading in a team called JCS for 10 years, programming computers that trade the market automatically. He built Python infrastructure of massive scale and complexity, handling petabytes of data with petaflops of computing power. A graduate of MIT in Computer Science, Jonathan has been programming since he was 6. At Jump he wrote 12 different versions of rsync, mirroring data large and small in many different ways.

Matt Jachowski, CTO

Matt spent a decade at Jump Trading leading the technical development of his team’s ultra low latency, high throughput trading software. Despite being a Stanford alum in Physics and Computer Science, he is glad that his first hire at Jump was MIT-grad Jonathan. Coming off of some extended time off to focus on surfing, spearfishing, and being a dad, Matt is excited to be starting this new adventure.

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